The Benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy

An Interview with Therapist Murray Kaufman LMFT

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Clinical Hypnotherapy is being used by many therapists to help assist in treating different mental as well as physical issues. To help understand what Clinical Hypnotherapy is and what types of issues Clinical Hypnotherapy can help, I have interviewed therapist Murray Kaufman LMFT.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.
“With 33 years’ experience in the mental health field, I have been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have a private practice in Irvine, CA. where I am privileged to assist individuals, couples and families.”

What is clinical hypnotherapy?
“The term Hypnosis is defined as a state of relaxation, where you are always awake, and always in control. Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy, which utilizes clinical hypnosis to relieve symptoms, and/or assist in changing behavior. The hypnotic state, often referred to as a trance state, allows the client’s subconscious mind to send suggestions given by the therapist to the conscious mind. The client has the goal of changing a current symptom or behavior to one that is more desirable, and the hypnotherapist works with the client to achieve that desired result. In order to better understand the trance state, I often ask people to think about driving a car. The act of driving, with the road’s lines coming towards us, and our being fully awake and alert creates a trance state. I utilize the term, “Clinical Hypnosis” or “Clinical Hypnotherapy” to distinguish my treatment from hypnosis used as entertainment. I use hypnotherapy as an adjunct clinical treatment to therapy when it is appropriate, and only after a client decides to include the treatment. Clinical Hypnosis or Clinical Hypnotherapy, as a complimentary treatment, can be utilized along with any other medical treatment currently being provided by a physician.

What types of issues can clinical hypnotherapy help with?
“In addition to anxiety and/or depression, hypnotherapy can assist with issues such as memory difficulties, stopping smoking, stress reduction, weight loss, compulsive habits, test anxiety, self-confidence, post -traumatic stress, sexual dysfunction, sports performance, insomnia and pain reduction.”

“Hypnotherapy has also been shown to help some medical issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, (IBS), and dermatological problems where medication has been only partially helpful. Also shown to have successful results are dermatological condition such as warts. It may surprise you to know that research indicates that 70-90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress related disorders. My work with Clinical Hypnosis has been shown to significantly reduce stress, and therefore, continue to support and enhance mind/body health.”

What would a typical clinical hypnotherapy session be like for a client?
“My clients tell me that the hypnotherapy experience is very relaxing, and some have spoken of feeling more clarity in the trance state. In addition, my clients have experienced total recall of everything that occurred for them during the session.”

What last advice would you like to leave for someone who is considering clinical hypnotherapy?
“Hypnotherapy, when utilized as a clinical treatment by a licensed therapist is a very effective treatment. An excellent resource for more information is the website for The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis at Currently, through the use of MRI research, scientists are gaining more insight into exactly how and why hypnosis works. However, at the present time, hypnotherapy is a safe, proven and effective treatment for many issues.”

Thank you Murray for doing the interview on the benefits of clinical hypnotherapy. For more information on Murray Kaufman or his work you can check out his website on or call him at 714-418-7454.

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