“Love is a behavior, where the safety and the welfare of the other is guaranteed”. H.Hendricks

Marriage counseling Irvine CA or couples counseling in Irvine assists you with improving the quality of your relationship.In other words, to help you be happier, feel closer, and re-energize you to help your relationship grow. However, even the best marriages and relationships have difficulties. Those difficulties usually involve one or more of five crucial aspects of relationship discussed below. With the proper assistance, you can learn how to keep those five aspects working to help your relationship thrive.

These are the five aspects of a relationship which need to be working well in a successful relationship:

  1. Communication
  2. Honesty
  3. Trust
  4. Balance of Power
  5. Intimacy

Communication: We communicate with others all the time. However, when issues arise in a significant relationship, our communication becomes less effective, Emotions are mixed with the details we want to convey, and sometimes our partner “pushes our buttons”. These “triggers” are often related to our own past experiences.

Honesty: Honesty means the willingness to tell the truth. Each individual deserves to have some privacy in a relationship.You do not have to share everything with each other to be successful. However, when we know that an issue affects both partners, there needs to be genuine and effective communication, prior to the discussion becoming out of control. Preventing issues that can place the relationship at risk must be a priority.

Trust: When a relationship is sustained by trust, there is a sturdy foundation to support the difficulty times. Trust is very difficult when one or both partners have a history of issues such as abandonment or betrayal. Betrayal of trust can be the “deal breaker” in a relationship. However, many couples, with the help of marriage counseling, can heal the damage caused by betrayal or infidelity and have a happier life together.

Balance of Power/ Control: Each couple’s comfort level with the dynamics of power and control may differ. In a relationship, each individual wants and needs a certain amount of power and control. Each partner of the couple handles certain tasks and responsibilities for the mutual benefit of the couple, as well as their own. If this balance changes between the partners, i.e. one person starts to exert more control, problems can develop.

Intimacy: What is real intimacy? Yes, your sexual relationship with your partner is a part of intimacy, but intimacy is much more. Being together as a couple or family in a quality way is also part of intimacy. Talking with each other, supporting each other emotionally, and doing activities together leads to stronger intimacy.

Learning and utilizing a few relationship tools can protect your relationship now and in the future. In my 31 years experience, I find that most couples and families tend to wait too long before asking for assistance. Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, or Family Counseling can be utilized as a preventative step to stop problems early,so that your relationship can be healthy once again.

What is a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship is built on two foundations, and both need to be strong. One is self-awareness which helps you understand what each of you contribute to the relationship and to the difficulties.The other foundation is based on love, which is so much more than what we feel and say to our partner.A healthy relationship requires that each partner’s behavior (the action needed to back up what we say and feel towards our partner) must be consistent and always directed toward our partner’s welfare.

With Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, or Family Counseling, you and your partner will learn how to:

  • Be together in a new way
  • Improve Communication
  • Respect and attend to each other’s needs
  • Break down those“walls”and Love … as a behavior.

Family Counseling

The needed ingredients for healthy relationships within the family utilize each of the various aspects above. In my work with families, I look at the family as a whole, and how each relationship is working. By looking at the whole, I can quickly see where relationships need to work in a more effective way. Then, by improving those relationships, the family will learn how to function better.

I’m sure your significant relationship and your family are most important to you. Considering the divorce rate is now at almost 60%, and infidelity is on the rise, I invite you to put your time and energy into what will work in your relationship and /or family, so that you can enjoy life once again. For more information about marriage counseling Irvine CA call Irvine Counseling and Hypnosis at 714-418-7454 or email us HERE.

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